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  • Unique & Creative Art Pieces
  • High-Gloss Finishes on Wood Projects (e.g., furniture, table tops, and serving trays)
  • Decorative Counter Tops
  • Custom Jewelry

Additional Product Features

  • Easy to Mix & Pour
  • Readily Wets Out Most Substrates
  • Maintains Integrity Over Sharp Edges



UVPoxy® is a high-performance two-component clear epoxy system designed for tabletops, wood finishing, embedding objects, artwork, and other applications requiring a clear, strong epoxy coating, specifically designed to resist yellowing caused by the sun and other UV sources.

UVPoxy® cures to a water-clear, high-gloss finish that is compatible with many substrates. It is formulated to have increased UV stability, moderate viscosity, and moderate system reactivity to allow for excellent air release and use in quick setting applications.

The appearance of UVPoxy® can be customized using EcoPoxy’s super-concentrated Metallic Color Pigments, Liquid Color Pigments, and Polyester Color Glitters. Compatibility of the cured system with a variety of finishing methods, application techniques, and products ensures that desired custom finishes can be achieved.

The material has an easy-to-use 1-to-1 by volume mix ratio, wets out substrates well, and maintains its integrity over sharp corners. While UVPoxy® has been formulated to resist yellowing, it is not recommended for permanent outdoor applications.


UVPoxy® Product Information


UVPoxy® is formulated to have a 1:1 resin to hardener mix ratio by volume. Deviation from the mix ratio can result in inferior properties or incomplete cure.

Mix Ratio by VOLUME (A:B)


Mix Ratio by MASS (A:B)


Recommended Coating Thickness

Up to ⅛"


UVPoxy® is a thermosetting resin and will generate heat as it cures. Reactivity level is a qualitative indicator of the rate of reaction and temperature of the resin system’s cure. Gel time is the point at which the mixed resin gels or becomes so viscous that it can no longer be worked. Peak exotherm is the maximum temperature observed during cure, and Time to peak exotherm is the length of time between initial mixing and observation of the peak exotherm temperature. The reactivity of the resin system can be affected by factors such as ambient temperature, applied coating thickness, the initial temperature of resin and hardener, and the ability of the system to release heat.

Reactivity Level


Gel Time (100g)

45 min

Peak Exotherm

121°C (250°F)

Time to Peak Exotherm

53 min

Processing Characteristics

Working time is the time during which the resin has been applied to the substrate but is not yet gelled. It can still be worked with and will produce a uniform coating. In practice, this means that the resin can still be manipulated and will quickly self level.

Tacky to touch is the period where a second application can be done without the need to abrade the surface for adhesion. During this period, the project will need to be protected from contaminants that can adhere to the surface. To determine tacky to touch, wear gloves and lightly touch the surface of the coating. No resin will stick to the glove’s surface, but tackiness between the glove and surface will be apparent. The onset of tacky to touch has not been reached if the surface significantly deforms in this process.

Set to touch or Handling time defines the point at which the surface is no longer tacky and at risk of contamination and has achieved sufficient hardness that subsequent processing and handling can occur without resulting in damage. A second pour is not recommended without first abrading the surface of the first layer. Determine if set to touch has been reached using the same method as tacky to touch. There is no observable tackiness between the glove and the surface.

Full cure is the point in time when resin achieves full mechanical properties.

The table below shows Working Time, Tacky to Touch, Set to Touch/ Handling Time, and Full Cure for a standard sized panel coated up to 1/16” with UVPoxy®. Ambient temperature was 21°C, with 50% RH. Processing characteristics will vary depending on factors such as resin volume, coating thickness, ambient conditions, and mold materials.

Working Time

30 - 40 minutes

Tacky to Touch Period

4 - 10 hours

Set to Touch

10 hours

Full Cure

48 hours

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