HOVR Installation Kit

The two most common bits you will need to install the HOVR bracket

If you are new to Hovr, you will need to grab a bit pack depending on your installation method.


HOVR Installation Kit

Full Description

This pack includes:

  • 17/64″ HSS Jobber Drill Bit 135″ Split Point Black Oxide
    • In order to make extra holes in the female bracket, first we need a 17/64″ Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit (or you can use even a 7/64 inch bit).
    • This is the bit you need to pre-drill the hole for then tapping (thread) the hole with the #18 5/16 tap bit.
    • If you are using set screws, you will need a 17/64 HSS Steel Drill Bit to drill the pilot holes for the set screws.
  • 5/16″ – 18 HSS Plug Taper Bit
    • Once we have drilled the initial hole, we then need a tapping bit. We can use a Bottoming Tap, a Plug Tap or a Taper Tap.
    • For our use, we prefer a Taper Tap Bit 5/16 Inch #18. These taps narrow a bit at the tip, therefore they can be inserted easier into the hole we drilled earlier.
    • The 5/16″ – 18 HSS Plug Taper Bit will create the threads needed for the hole.

We recommend¬†3/4″ Set Screws¬†to lock in your HOVR brackets

*Please note the packaging may not be as seen