Bessey KliKlamp


Easy to maneuver and tighten one-handed, this is an efficient light-duty lever clamp.

It has a fast-acting sliding jaw for quick positioning. Squeezing the handle engages the ratcheting cam mechanism, instantly applying up to 260 lb of clamping force to hold parts firmly in place while you work. The ratchet locks the jaws so they cannot loosen, even when subject to vibration from power tools.

The clamp has a sturdy steel bar for rigidity and jaws made of strong but lightweight cast magnesium. The moving jaw has a cam and handle made of tough fiberglass-reinforced polyamide; the fixed jaw has a non-marring pad that can be removed to reveal intersecting V-grooves on the jaw face for holding irregular shapes.

Just under 1 lb, it has a clamping capacity of 16" and a 3" throat depth. Made in Germany.

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