Bessey BES-RES4PK Trigger Clamps 4-Piece Set (2X EHKM06 6" Clamps & 2X EHKM12 12" Clamps)


What separates the BESSEY trigger clamp from the rest is that it has been engineered from the start to offer a clean design, comfortable handles, up to 100 lbs. of potential clamping force. The EHK series of clamps has the ability to quickly transform from clamping to spreading. The transition from clamping to spreading requires no tools on all but the smallest version (EHKMICRO). All that is required is a quick push of the locking mechanism to disengage the fixed jaw, move it to the opposite end of the rail and re-engage. BESSEY. Simply better.

  • 1-handed clamping
  • 1-handed spreading
  • Push of a button is all that it takes to convert from clamping to spreading
  • Up to 100 lbs. of clamping force
  • Soft touch pads
  • Ergonomic composite handles
  • Quick release trigger


(2) EHKM06

(2) EHKM12

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